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Don't let these volunteer opportunities March past you



   **If you wonder how we pull off having such awesome symposiums, look no further than yourself.  Infinitus is shaping up to be as epic as Lumos 2006 & Prophecy 2007, if not more so. If you want to help make Infinitus the very best symposium EVER, then you need to volunteer!! If you are planning to register or are already registered to attend Infinitus then take a look at the list below and then fill out a volunteer application with the top areas you think you can best lend a hand with!



Ø Sponsorship and Vendor Chair:  If you have previous conference experience as well as business & fundraising know how, then you may be exactly what  we need!   * On the application please note at the bottom of page 2 that you are applying for the Chair position.



- AV Committee: Looking for volunteers who are knowledgeable in the workings of a/v setup such as setting up mics, connecting audio and the like.  Some experience is helpful, but not entirely necessary.  Please list your availability on the application.  A volunteer or two may be needed pre-conference (July 13/14), as well as after event is over that Sunday for dismantling of equipment.



-  Art Gallery: Calling all fandom art lovers, the Infinitus Art Gallery needs your help with the

                         gallery room at Infinitus!


          ****And if you have some background in Art & perhaps you are unable to attend this

                    year but would like to lend help in choosing the best art submitted, then the gallery

                    might be able to use you for Art vetting.  If you are interested in Art vetting please

                    fill out an application & make a note that you are interested in a vetting position.



- Formal Programming: Prefects are needed to help keep the programs on schedule.


- Security:  Be a part of our Infinitus community by servicing in our Security Team!  


- Informal Programming:  Do you enjoy making new friends & promoting the spirit

                   of friendships within the HP world?  Then you’re perfect to help in

                   the Common Room!!!



      AND - Do you have a dancing background or just love to dance?  The Informal

         Committee is looking for a few dancers for a very special segment!  Dancing

          background is a plus, but is not necessary.  Just requires a willingness to learn

          and a desire to have some fun!!!! J *must be 18 years or older



- Children’s Track:  Children are the future of HP. Help fuel their continued love of HP by

                     Volunteering to bring lots of fun to this exciting new addition to our symposium!

                              ** Please note that this position will require a background check.    


- Registration:  More opportunities have just popped up in Registration folks!  Volunteer

                      early to grab a spot on this awesome team!


- Sponsorship & Vendor Committee: Looking for volunteers interested in helping the vendors

                      and the room they will be in. 


- PR SQUEE Squad: The PR Team needs help to spread the word in your home towns. (especially GA, SC, FL, AL)


- Wizard Wrock: There’s going to be some great wizard wrock at Infinitus and

         the organizer is looking for a few volunteers who are dedicated to helping pre-show,

         during show, and a bit of post-show help may be needed as well.  * When applying

         please let us know if you are willing work all the shows or just certain one’s.  You can

         find the schedule of wrock on Infinitus’ website.



- Volunteer Committee: Our exclusive volunteer room needs to have volunteer workers as well.

                      Join this committee if you just have a big heart & want to help in a great way!




If you are interested in helping out with any of these positions, just fill out an application, found here:

Send application and any questions to
***Please note that if you are under 18, we do have some volunteer opportunities for you.  Please email Christine separately at the above email address if you are under 18 to get more information.


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